Full Day Care in Western Park area of Leicester

Dotties Nursery

At Dotties Nursery we provide children with the highest quality of childcare in a safe and stimulating environment. Our setting is an extension of the home rather than a diluted version of a classroom – after all, children do well where they feel confident and secure, and the home is often that place.

A day at nursery is full of new experiences, challenges and development opportunities.

So that children get the most from each day, we incorporate rest, refuel and movement into each day. Children will investigate, explore, design and create leading to a better understanding of the world around them. Children will learn to group and classify, arrange items in a logical order, identify and match and understand cause and effect. Through messy play and sensory experiences, children are given endless experiences to build their own imagination and creativity, as well as allowing them to express their feelings and thoughts through colour, texture, shapes and forms in two and three dimensions.

Ofsted Registered Childcare in Leicester

The effort that has gone into creating our beautiful spaces for children reflects the belief that children deserve the very best, and that their aesthetic senses need to be nurtured in the early years. Children are active learners, which means that each of our three rooms are stimulating and offer children many opportunities. The environment invites children to become involved and encourages them to explore a wide variety of materials and develop their creativity.

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